Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Nieco Corporation, the world’s leading manufacturer of automatic broilers, is introducing a totally new concept in broilers, called BroilVection, according to Ed Baker, Nieco CEO.

“BroilVection is a patented new generation hybrid broiling technology,combining radiant broiling, natural convection and focused forced convection air to deliver more product flavor with less energy costs,” Baker said.
“The JF62, the first in a series of broilers featuring BroilVection, comes in two different sizes. The JF62G (single belt) and the JF62-2G (dual belt), show energy reductions of 44% vs. our existing 500 and 600 models.  The JF63 & JF63G-BG (broiler with a bun grill) shows energy reductions of over50% vs. our 800 series, and that includes energy reductions in grilling buns.  These dramatic energy reductions are verified by FSTC, the independent laboratory that rates food service equipment energy usage, “Baker continued.
“What makes these new air broilers even more appealing is that some utility companies offer foodservice equipment rebates for replacement equipment that shows savings over existing units.” Baker noted.“For example, in California, we expect the rebate on the JF62G machines to be about $2,000, and about $3,400 on the JF63 machines.  Also, there are no burner replacements and there are hundreds of dollars each year in additional savings on labor and maintenance costs.”

When Baker was asked about the product, he replied, “...